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Great success for Music School

By Proximity Düsseldorf

What would life be without music?


The city council of Düsseldorf is continuously reducing public incentives for the Clara-Schumann music school. Already today, more than 3,000 kids are waiting for a place to get musical education. To top that: the city is planning to reduce even more public funds. In order to make the city and especially its mayor aware that this is a big issue, the friends’ association of the music school launched an online petition. With an increasing amount of people supporting this petition, the mayor will understand the importance of this particular topic.



How do we raise awareness for the importance of music so that we get more signatures on the running petition? By taking away the music in songs and showing what is left: no rhythm, no feelings.

We recorded radio spots, in which children’s songs and operatic arias are melodized in a new way – instead of vocals, the listeners are only getting unemotional and uninspired lectures of the lyrics. In video spots, local bands are performing their songs – only without music. Newcomer-band ‘Haynrich’, singer-songwriter ‘enkelson.’, as well as the Funk-Punk-Folk band ‘Hanf im Glück’ supported this with new versions of their own, ‘musicless’songs.

A series of posters was published via the social media channel but also on local festivals such as the ‘Open Source Festival’ or the ‘SoundLounge’.

Other famous bands from Düsseldorf , such as ‘The Porters’, the ‘Rogers’, ‘Kris Pohlmann’, and the ‘JE:D Jazz Ensamble’ helped by curating interviews and spreading the word on their social media channels.



After a short amount of time, we not only exceeded the requested amount of signatures but also got support from several bands out of Düsseldorf. The campaign has been spread through their social media channels but also directly on several concerts, witnessed by thousands of music fans. On the annual ‘SoundLounge’ festival, we were not only able to collect several hundreds of ‘real’ signatures by having a nicely-designed info stand but also learned how many people already knew about the campaign. The fan base on our Facebook page is constantly increasing and we are confident that the amount of supporters will get even higher.